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Why our name

Lebo 's is my first dog's short name.

Lebo stands for Lebowski (like The Big Lebowski, the american movie from the Cohen brother). Yes, believe it or not but my dog really looks like Jeff Bridges in that movie. But you could also call him Chewbacca (Chewie from Star Wars). In fact he is my little Chewbacca. Of course on an every day basis I call him Lebowski or Lebo because it is the name he was given by an ex-housemate of mine who rescued him few years ago. When I adopted him some time later, he was "losing" his second owner and we were forced to move out from the house we were living so I didn't wanted to had more by changing my companion's name.

Why friends you are going to ask me next. Well, Lebowski and I started to mind at weekends Lady, a charming bitch neighbour of us. Lebowski and she became friends. Lebo is my best friend. And the 3 of us regularly went on long walks.

So it was Lebo and friends, dogs (& human) walking having fun.

Who we are


Cross-Yorkshire terrier, he is said to be about 11/12-year-old. He is a happy little dog with his very own mind. Mostly sweet and quiet, once in a while Lebowski gets in crazy mode running and jumping all over the place as he did when he was a puppy. He used to come hicking with me up to 8 hours a day, until unfortunately we discovered that he has 3 calcified disks. He is now limited to a maximum of 3-hour walk in a row and he still enjoys it. 

Cross-Daschung, she is said to be about 11/12-year-old. She was found down the country with 2 pups. From my experience with her, I would say that she was use for breeding, had very little contact with people and some bad things had happen to her. She has become a happy little bitch. Mostly sweet, she can have a bully character, probably done to a lack of proper socialisation when she was younger. She wants to keep everything to herself, including my attention. With lots of work and love, she and I have succeeded to overcome most of her difficulties. The only one which is still a work in progress is her fear of traffic.



Cavalier King-Charles, she is the last addition to our pack. She came to us through private rehoming, after being rescued from the street. She is said to be about 7/9-year-old. She is a very happy little bitch, very cuddly, playful and with an incredible level of energy. 



French, born in 1971, I used to be a communication manager specialized in small businesses. To grow in my job, I needed to speak English but I didn't. So, in 2008 I came to Ireland for 6 months to learn the language. While here, I fell in love with Dublin and after finding a temporary job as a waitress I decided to settle down here.

In 2009, I adopted Lebowski, follow by the adoption of Duchess in 2012. Lebowski was so happy when we were minding Lady than I decided that it would be nice for him to have a companion and we went looking for one. We met a few dogs and then we got Duchess followed by Bella in 2014.

I always have been a walker, hiking every second Sunday in Paris area and 3 weeks a year on Holidays. When I first got Lebowski, I started to train him to follow me everywhere I went in Dublin and around. I immensely enjoyed it.
My experience walking dogs, mines and others, gave me the idea of starting a dog walking business. I trained in:

  • Canine First Responder (CFR) course, a worldwide certification agency for First Aid for dogs and CPR;
  •  FETAC course N32919 - Canine Obedience and Training, (Level 6 award).


Please contact Yvette, Lebowski, Duchess or Bella if you would like to tell/ask us anything.

  • Text message: 085 77 96 409

 Natasha Garrahie   - 5 étoiles

10 out of 10! Yvette is friendly, professional, flexible and extremely conscientious. I know Reni is safe in the hands of Lebo's friends dog walking and couldn't think of anyone better :)

 Travis Grotewol 

Yvette is a top-class dog minder and walker. She gave our elderly dog his midday walk for a few weeks, and she always sent us status updates after each walk, as well as a quick message prior to the walk. She's a very thorough, thoughtful person with a heart of gold; always respectful of the physical condition and temperament of the dog she's looking after. I would have no hesitation in using her services again in the future. Highly recommended!


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