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 FAQ - Frequently asked questions 

 Why getting a dog walker 

 Why organising a Meet&Greet before you need a dog walker 

 What do you may need a dog walker for 

 Why a one-to-one walk 

 Meet and Greet 

 Why organising a Meet&Greet before you need a dog walker 

 Why getting a dog walker 

• Dogs are highly social animals who live in pack. As their owner you are a part of this pack and they need you. When you are not there, they miss you, particularly if nobody else stay at home with them.

• To stay healthy and well-adjusted, dogs need exercises and mental stimulation. A good way to achieve that goal is to give them a minimum of two walks a day. It prevents behavioural problems such as destructiveness link to boredom, separation anxiety and elimination problems. A walk allow dogs to keep their mind stimulated through territorial investigation, patrolling...

 What do you may need a dog walker for 

• You're going away - but your dog cannot come with you.

• You’re too busy during the week.

• You travel often and need someone to rely on to take care of your dog.

• You fancy a weekend away and You don’t want to inconvenience family, friends or neighbours.

• There’s an emergency.

• Something unexpected happens.

• Very busy at work, you don’t have the energy.

• The weather is miserable and you don’t fancy to get out.

• You don’t want to leave your dog in a kennel or day crèche

 Why a one-to-one walk 

• Your dog feels lonely staying at home on his own all day long. A one-to-one walk gives him not only the necessary exercise to keep him healthy but also companionship so important to a social animal. It keeps away boredom by allowing your dog to enter interaction with a human and giving him a so much needed exclusive attention.

• While your dog is on a one-to-one walk, his walker is focus on him and him alone. The walker keeps a close eye on your dog's interaction with people and other dogs.

 Meet and Greet 

• When you contact me to know more about my services, I suggest to organise a Meet&Greet - you pay €20 at the time of booking, reimburse at first service which makes the Meet&Greet a free service.

• The objective of this meeting is to meet you and your dog, get to know each other and find out what you are looking for from your dog walker, what are your requirements and those of your dog. If we are all happy with each other and you would like to go ahead with my services, I will be taking your dog for a ten-minute walk in your neighbourhood to access how (s)he behaves on lead and see if we like each other. Then, we can schedule your dog first journey.

 Clic to Book your Meet&Greet Today 

 Why organising a Meet&Greet before you need a dog walker 

• No service can be provided without a previous Meet&Greet as the success of a good relationship between a dog and his walker depend on a good knowledge of each other. So if ever you are faced with an unexpected event which required that you go away for a few days or a last-minute late meeting, you just have to call on us and we will be ready to take care of your dog. Whereas, without a previous Meet&Greet, we would not be able to help you.

• For one hour meeting and €20 reimbursed at first service, you have the peace of mind to know that your dog and yourself are ready to face the unexpected.

• If your are also Keys Keeping, you spare yourself the cost of having to deliver us your keys prior to service or having us to come collect them. A simple phone call and we are ready to walk your best friend.

 Natasha Garrahie   - 5 étoiles

10 out of 10! Yvette is friendly, professional, flexible and extremely conscientious. I know Reni is safe in the hands of Lebo's friends dog walking and couldn't think of anyone better :)

 Cinja Pettyjohn   - 5 étoiles

Super friendly and professional, very reliable and flexible. I completely trust her with our 4-legged babies.

 Travis Grotewol 

Yvette is a top-class dog minder and walker. She gave our elderly dog his midday walk for a few weeks, and she always sent us status updates after each walk, as well as a quick message prior to the walk. She's a very thorough, thoughtful person with a heart of gold; always respectful of the physical condition and temperament of the dog she's looking after. I would have no hesitation in using her services again in the future. Highly recommended!


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