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In this section, you will find all the information you need to make a decision as to use  Lebo's Friends, Dog Walking services. The four documents below have to be read and fill out preferably before the Meet&Greet. It is important that you read the Contract to know exactly what are our services. And your signature on that document will mark the start of our agreement. The emergency Cards as well as the Client File contain all necessary information relative to you and your dog.

* Contract

* Emergency medical Card

* Emergency Pet Guardianship Card

* Fiche Client

Those documents are quite exhaustive, particularly the contract. That is because you will find in this document a definition of all terms used, a description of all services offered, prices, conditions of payment, cancellation policy, booking etc.
This contract is an on-going contract starting from the date of signature. Once the contract signed, there is no need to sign any document every time you need our services. You just need to send us a text or an email to book and make the appropriate payment if necessary to confirm booking.

 Natasha Garrahie   - 5 étoiles

10 out of 10! Yvette is friendly, professional, flexible and extremely conscientious. I know Reni is safe in the hands of Lebo's friends dog walking and couldn't think of anyone better :)

 Katy Falkingham   - 5 étoiles

Ultra professional in every way & trained in animal first aid - your dog couldn't be in safer hands.

 Cinja Pettyjohn   - 5 étoiles

Super friendly and professional, very reliable and flexible. I completely trust her with our 4-legged babies.


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